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PEDESTRE - A MAIS ALTA FALÉSIA DA EUROPA | Discover The Nature | Team building

The Arrábida Natural Park always surprises us !


The “Risco Mountain Hiking Tour” is a pedestrian in the Arrábida Natural Park , which takes us to places that we would never have known otherwise : Lunchboxes of the Giants , Bronze Age towns , Viewpoints , Cabos and Cliffs over the Sea. Invariably, through paths wrapped in typical Mediterranean vegetation and that can only be walked on foot.


… Serra do Risco, on the right, rises to the sky in its titanic climb. It is the highest point on the coast of Portugal, which is why fishermen call it “Cabo de Ares”, who, from below, from their tiny boats before that greatness, measure it with terror or admiration for its smallness of men.


The mountain has the air of a wave that advances impetuously and suddenly stops and carves itself in the air; it is a wave of stone and brush, it is the fossil of a wave. He laughs at the sea of now, a gentle gull, deeply blue, which makes his gigantic back, with the plain on the left, loom large ...


Our experienced guides guarantee the best security conditions.


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