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The Privacy Policy of Virtudes Nómadas, Unipessoal Lda, designated by the brand "Discover The Nature - Outdoor Events", aims to inform visitors to our website, potential customers and clients, how they are obtained and protected and for what purposes your personal data is used.

In addition to the fulfillment of this right to information, this policy also respects the following rights of data subjects:

  • Right to be notified whenever data with a risk to its holder are breached

  • Right to access data concerning you

  • Right to portability, when applicable

  • Right to be forgotten, when consent is withdrawn or when there is no legitimacy to keep them

  • Right of rectification, whenever the holders intend to update the data concerning them

  • Right to challenge decisions about how your data is treated


Discover The Nature has its website hosted on secure servers. On this website there may be links to websites of partners and various entities.

Discover The Nature is not responsible for the security of third party websites, so whoever decides to visit them must first consult the respective privacy policies.


The personal data transmitted to us, via e-mail or otherwise, serves the following purposes only and exclusively:

  • Streamline communication with customers and potential customers

  • Promote and promote the company's products and services

  • Guarantee our provision of services in safe conditions

  • Comply with legal regulations regarding insurance and billing


The nature of the data requested by the company does not include any material considered sensitive, being reduced to what is strictly necessary for the purposes mentioned above:

For insurance purposes

  • Full name

  • Email and / or contact address

  • Telephone contact

  • Date of birth

  • Citizen Card or Passport Number

For the purpose of assigning personal protective equipment

  • Height,

  • Weight,

  • T-Shirt Size

  • Shoe Size

For billing purposes

  • Tax Identification Number


The storage and processing of the personal data of our customers and potential customers is the sole responsibility of Discover The Nature.

They are subject to the rules of confidentiality and protection defined internally in accordance with the regulations in force and the protection standards appropriate to their nature. Their access and use are limited to persons authorized for the purpose and under our internal security and control policy.

Discover The Nature is not responsible for the way in which the personal data that it is obliged to provide by legal imperative is protected and processed, for example for the activation of insurance activities.

With regard to the transmission of data to subcontracted entities, as is the case with accounting services, it is an express part of the contractual agreements that these entities are solely responsible for the protection and treatment of the data received, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation .


Any request for updating or removing personal information can be requested directly to the company via email indicating the subject " change or removal of personal data ".


Customer data will be kept as long as there is a legitimate interest on the part of the company and its holder consents to it. Thus, it will be the norm of Discover The Nature that its database, created for the purposes mentioned in the point "Objectives of the collection of personal data", will be maintained as long as this is in the legitimate interest of the company and as long as the data subjects do not exercise the right. their right to be forgotten.


This Privacy Policy will be revised, completed and updated whenever the rules in force require it.


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