Sliding Penguin Board

SLIDING PENGUIN - It was initially designed for surfing, but it is also perfect on narrow, flowing rivers.


Whether you're looking to catch a wave or embark on a river adventure, Sliding Penguin is the right choice.


This board is also known for its stability and maneuverability, so it is perfect for children and lighter people under 90 kg. It is easy to keep the board in a straight position even when surfing in very rough waters due to its larger fin. The keel also helps in handling.


The board is only 10 cm thick, which also improves stability, but does not affect stiffness - it can be inflated to 27 psi.


Carry handles can be found for easy transport - one in the middle of the board, the other at the back. There is also a steel D-ring
stainless and the deck is covered with a non-slip EVA mat.

Sliding Penguin Board

    • Weight : 9 kg
    • Dimensions : 289 x 74 x 12 cm
    • Recommended pressure ; 22 psi. Max . 27 psi.
    • Material : Double layer PVC
    • Kit : Backpack / trolley with wheels, double action pump, leash, repair kit and paddle.
    • Rower weight : Up to 90 kg


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